Beef Paddywack

Beef Paddywack


100% Natural Beef Paddywack


100% Natural Beef Paddywack

Our premium Beef Paddywack are made from beef neck tendon which is stripped of its fat content and dried to a very low moisture content.  This makes it an extremely healthy treat all dogs will love.  The low fat and moisture content leaves a product with a naturally long shelf life which can be stored for long periods without the risk of it spoiling.
All the Beef used in the production of our Paddywack is sourced from within the UK and Ireland making it environmentally friendly due to the reduced amount of transport required to get the product into our store.
Paddywack makes a tasty treat which is popular with all dogs.  Chewing Paddywack stimulates a dogs jaw muscles giving them exercise and can reduce the temptation to chew items in the house or kennel that they shouldn't.
Protein - 78%
Fat & Oil - 10%
Ash - 1.0%
Fibre - 0.7%

Available in a variety of pack sizes to suit all budgets.


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