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Introducing our new Premium Working Dog Food.


 Maultbys Chicken & Rice Light

Chicken and Rice Light has been developed to complement our Regular higher protein hypoallergenic diets but is intended to be fed when dogs are not requiring so much energy or when they are older and leading a less active life.

Maultbys Animal Nutrition

At Maultbys we specialize in the supply of complete dry food for all breeds of sporting and working dogs.  Whatever type of work your dog does and however active they are we have a diet to suit your dog and your budget.

Bulk order Specialists

Whether you are a kennel owner, gamekeeper or owner of a retail outlet all of our diets are can be bought in bulk quantities at discounted rates.  From 20 bags on a pallet to multiple mixed pallets we can cater for all requirements.  Contact us now to discuss your needs and for our bulk rates.

Proudly Supporting British Industry

All of our complete working dog foods and grain free treats are made in one of 2 factories located right here in the U.K.  We work closely with these two well established companies who manufacture and blend our diets to our own exacting requirements.

Premium and Super Premium Working Dog Food

Dogs are A Mans Best Friend and at Maultbys we believe they deserve the very best in nutrition to ensure they live a long, happy and healthy life. Click on the link below to see our range of Premium and Super Premium working dog food. Alternatively for help and advice on which of our diets would best suit your dog please contact us.
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About Us

Here at Maultbys Animal Nutrition we are first and foremost dog owners and dog enthusiasts. For over 35 years we have been training, working and breeding dogs of many breeds and types. Right from sheep dogs to terriers and lurchers through to all types of working gun dogs we have experience in all breeds of dog and we fully recognise the importance of a solid nutritionally balanced diet to ensure any dog can perform at the highest level in its respective field.

Around 10 years ago we recognised there was a gap in the working dog food market for high quality diets to provide the necessary energy a dog requires while in the field. We also saw there were very few diets aimed at older or less active dogs. All of these diets would also need to contain the most up to date ingredients to ensure that the special nutritional needs of working dogs were catered for. Along with all of this we also recognised the need for all of these diets to be available at a reasonable price which will ensure they are affordable to working dog owners and in particular those with large numbers of dogs.

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Our Services

  1. Training Help & Advice

    With over 30 years of owning, training and working various breeds of dog, we are always happy to offer any help or advice to our customers whenever they request it.


  1. Nutrition and Feeding Advice

    Working with our manufacturers and their in-house nutritionists we have developed a range of high quality diets aimed primarily at working and sporting dogs.  We are now ideally positioned to offer you help and advice on what best to feed your dog by simply finding out a few details about your dog’s age, breed and activity levels.  Contact us if you require any help in this area.

  1. Grain Free Treats

    We firmly believe you only get out of a dog what you put in and to compliment our quality range of dog food we also stock various grain free dog treats.  These are available in a range of pack sizes to suit all budgets.  If you want more information or for up to date prices please get in touch.

  1. Free Samples

    If after talking to our team and looking at the details of all of our diets, you’re still not sure which of our diets might be best for your dog.  Or if you simply have a fussy eater that you’re struggling to find a suitable diet, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to send you out some free samples of a selection of our diets of your choosing.

Free Delivery

All order placed on our website are delivered free of charge to any UK mainland address.  If you require delivery to other addresses it will be added when entering your address at checkout.

Bulk Pallet Orders

All of our diets are available in bulk pallet orders of 33, 50 or 66 bags.  These are ideal if you are a breeder, kennel owner or if you have a feed sales business.

It is also possible to order mixed pallets of several diets.  These quantities are available at special bulk rates, please contact us for our most up to date prices.

Free Samples

If you are interested in any of our diets but want to try a small sample with your dog, just get in touch with us and we will happily send you out a free sample by post. 

You can request samples of any of the diets you are interested in with no commitment to buy.


My labradors love this food and I do dog home boarding and most of them are now converts to this food.

It contains joint aid, my dogs have a new lease of life.

Isobelle Webb

After going to see Rob and explaining what was going on with my puppy he spent time and nothing was too much trouble he let my little lady try all the different food till she found the ones she liked!

We me and my olive (in the photo) would definitely recommend Rob.

Heather Appleyard

Great food dogs are great on it.

Kristopher Patterson