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Premium Dog Food Range

Our premium range of dog food has been developed for working dogs of all sizes, types and breeds.  They are cereal based feeds which aim to provide all the energy and necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that a dog will require for a full day in its respective working environment.

The range starts with a low protein maintenance type diet, our Resting Mix, aimed at dogs who are between periods of work or for retired, older dogs, all of whom have much lower energy and nutritional requirements but still need the benefits of a quality diets with Joint Care to keep their joints in good shape.

We then have several diets aimed at the average working dog who will have a reasonably high energy requirement and who also requires a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and with the added benefit of our Joint Care additive.  These include our Esteem, Active and Sticky Flake Mix.

At the upper end of the range are the high protein working dog foods, our Supreme Meaty Mix and the flagship of the range our Country Muesli.  These two have higher levels of protein along with a high dried meat content to give higher levels of fat and oil.  This will ensure that dogs fed this diet have higher energy levels and with the fat stored in their body they will sustain their work rate over a longer period of time.  These two diets also have a higher concentration of the Joint Care additive giving these harder working dogs greater protection of their joints while also having an anti-inflammatory effect on their joints should any strains or injuries occur while at work.

We also have our Elite puppy which is ideal for newly weaned puppies through to young working dogs up to 12 months of age.  This has been developed to give these puppies the very best start in life and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals they require along with 27% protein to ensure they can keep on growing.

For more information and full composition of any of these diets please click on the links below.  If you need any further advice or have any questions about our Premium Range don’t hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us page.